Business and Employment Attorneys

The best lawyers know that the best way to defend against a lawsuit is to keep your client from being sued in the first place by giving effective advice. But if litigation is necessary or cannot be avoided, our lawyers will represent you efficiently and keeping your needs first in our minds.  Cobb Merriam helps clients resolve their business disputes effectively and efficiently. Working with our clients as colleagues, we develop smart and sensible solutions to their  business disputes.  We recognize that the legal system is not always the best solution. We believe that legal problems can often be solved using business strategies.

Comprehensive Solutions To Complex Business Disputes

We make sure we understand our clients' businesses and their respective industries. Because we take the time to thoroughly understand each client's unique business, we understand both the short- and long-term consequences of each strategy we propose. Working with our clients, our lawyers develop strategic responses that overcome current legal challenges and avoid negative repercussions in the future.

Depending on the needs of each individual client, our firm develops a strategic approach using every legal and business tool in our arsenal to resolve our clients' most complex business disputes while preserving working relationships.

Contract Lawyers: Helping Businesses Resolve Disputes Effectively And Efficiently

We believe the best way to successfully resolve business litigation is to prevent the case from ever being filed. Our attorneys work hard to develop creative solutions — both legal and business-centered — to resolve our clients' most complex business disputes without the time and costs of litigation.

When litigation is necessary to protect our clients' interests, we will tenaciously represent them in court. Our attorneys are experienced litigators. We have successfully litigated our clients' interests in a variety of business actions in front of administrative agencies, state courts, federal courts, tax court and the Bankruptcy Court, including:

Contract disputes
Disputes between partners
Disputes between businesses

Employment compliance and policies

Discrimination complaints and lawsuits
Disputes between employers and employees
Insurance disputes, including insurance coverage claims
Construction disputes
Vendor disputes
Government audits
Regulatory agency penalties, citations and appeals
Customer disputes

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Employment Lawyers Advising and Protecting You and Your Business

At Cobb Merriam, we don't just pride ourselves on our successful courtroom track record. Instead, we measure our success by the number of clients we have kept out of court. Our attorneys work closely with our business clients to help them develop smart employment policies and guidelines that protect them from litigation.

Whether clients come to us during the formation of their businesses or after their business has been established, we help them develop employment policies and guidelines that ensure they are in compliance with federal employment laws and safety regulations.

Our lawyers provide advice and defense on an array of employment practices, including:

Hiring processes
Discipline and termination practices
Wage and hour compliance
Workers compensation compliance and non-complying employer penalties
Representation during employment contract negotiations
Employee classification
Drafting and reviewing employee handbooks
Internal safety audits and compliance
Negotiating severance packages

Executive Employee And Employer Rights Lawyers

At Cobb Merriam, our attorneys represent executive employees and employers involved in workplace disputes to help them overcome legal challenges and achieve successful resolutions.

Our attorneys thoroughly investigate our clients' workplace disputes to identify all possible resolution options. If litigation is necessary to protect our clients' rights, then we will zealously litigate their case. But if our clients' interests can be protected while preserving working relationships, we will attempt alternative forms of negotiation and mediation to achieve a resolution.

Our attorneys represent clients involved in:

Sexual harassment lawsuits
Federal discrimination lawsuits under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Discrimination claims

BOLI and DOL compliance
Non-complying employer penalty assessments
Whistleblower lawsuits
Disputes surrounding the Family and Medical Leave Acts
Retaliation claims
Wrongful discharge
Wage and hour violations

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